Best Destinations For Black Travelers May 2022

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We couldn’t resist making this round-up list of the best destinations for Black travelers to visit this May 2022. There is so much world to see, but these hand-picked destinations will truly capture your attention and fill your wanderlust in this final month of Spring.

As far as May travel goes, expect lower prices and less crowds due to dwindling tourist presence – at least this is the case in most destinations. With fewer crowds, clearer skies and warming temperatures, May is and will always be a wise time to book that trip. Here are some destinations that Black travelers should add to their May travel lists:


Best Destinations Black Travelers May 2022
Credit: Michael Block

Italy is a great destination to visit in May, the weather is beautiful, the apricots are in season and the pasta is, truth be told, spectacular all year round but better experienced on a balcony somewhere taking in May’s glorious Italian sunsets. 

We recommend Italy in May because all the conditions line up to almost guarantee an enjoyable trip. With the first hint of Summer, it is a European getaway worth booking. Visiting Rome in May, particularly 1st May, ( Festa del Lavoro or Labor Day) will allow you to get a true hint of the Dolce far niente  – the sweetness of doing nothing. The Amalfi Coast also boasts a perfect luxury, easy-going late spring trip. 

The Bahamas

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Sweet sunny days and warm nights in the Caribbean, this is the combination we long for this May. The Bahamas is a great option for Black travelers looking for a true Caribbean tropical vacation destination. Exploring the islands and cays by boat is one of the must-do activities when staying.

It is the end of the peak period on the island, meaning that there is a chance of May rain but certainly more space on the precious pink sand beaches. 

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With May in Mozambique comes the chance to explore the beautiful beaches and wild nature, in the first month without rain, no less.  

Looking forward to water activities? You’re in luck – Mozambique is famous for its scuba-diving potential due to its vast coastline and some impressive, largely untouched reefs. While Mozambique does not always sit high on most travel lists, Black travelers should definitely check out this country, not only for the rich culture, but for the chance to swim with dolphins, whale sharks and turtles and even experience an uninhabited island.

Machu Picchu, Peru

May is the ideal month to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. This top UNESCO World Heritage site with its unforgettable scenic view of the ancient Incan city, is a top destination for many Black travelers. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime kinds of trips that you’ve been craving for this 2022. 

We recommend taking advantage of the small window before the high-tourist month of June begins in full swing. Additionally, be sure to obtain the necessary permits for hiking online in advance as restrictions tighten for travelers. 

Yellowstone National Park, U.S.

Credit: Piccninng

Quiet streams, dense forests and unspoiled natural lakes: yes, please. The pristine beauty of Yellowstone National Park is more than impressive. There is a reason why Yellowstone National Park is a bucket-list trip for many. May is a particularly good time to visit as many trails are open to visitors, making it a perfect time to breathe in the clean, fresh air as you enjoy your break. 

The Grand Prismatic Spring is enough to get our adventure on and explore the sheer beauty of this treasured national park in the U.S.

Puerto Angel
Amara Amaryah

Mexico, with its vast and varied nature, is a country that feels like it holds many countries within it. If the state of Oaxaca were a country, it would be one of our favourites. It is hard to resist, bursting with Mexico’s best food options – everywhere – and offering plentiful chance to explore mountains, coast and city. Oaxaca, located on the pacific coast, is not excessively hot, rainy or humid in May. If you have a short trip in mind for May, this is the place to be in Mexico to get the most impact for your time.

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