Bernie Sanders Can’t Win, But Will He Hurt the Party Instead?

Reggie Fullwood

Losing is always tough. Sometimes it’s telegraphed and we know it’s coming; and then there are times when we are surprised.
“You learn how to be a gracious winner and an outstanding loser,” said Joe Namath.

Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders knows that the end is near; but instead of facing reality, he’s going down fighting. And I can’t blame anyone for fighting to the bitter end. However, when it comes to politics, especially presidential politics, at some point you have to consider the bigger picture.

And that picture is simple – you fought a good fight, there’s no way you can win the nomination; so good-naturedly support your opponent and rally the party so that the “party” can win the White House.

But that makes sense only if you care about the political party that you have associated yourself to win the presidential nomination.
And this is the central issue with both Sanders and Donald Trump, and why the establishment in both parties (Dems and Repubs) don’t like either man. Here’s the problem – party insiders feel that if you don’t care about the party,don’t run as a member of the party – run as an independent.

If you are going to be a maverick and push the party in a certain direction that’s one thing; that is understandable. But, if you have decided that the party is only relevant because it is the political structure in place and your best chance of getting to the White House, then your whole campaign is about you, not party values or vision.

I guess that makes sense when you consider the fact that Sanders just became a registered Democrat last year when he decided to run for President. Prior to last year, Sanders had been the longest-serving independent in U.S. congressional history. So I guess it makes perfect sense that he has no real loyalty to the Democratic party.

The Sanders show has gone from cute, to entertaining, to relevant, to now becoming a bad movie that needs to end.
Democrats that continue to support Independent turned Democrat need to realize that Sanders seems to have no intention on working to unite the party at the end of his primary battle.

He can’t win the nomination, so instead of bowing out gracefully, he has decided to make things as ugly as possible for Hiliary Clinton and is even asking superdelegates that have pledged to her to switch allegiances.

So far, superdelegates that have publicly declared their allegiances have sided with Clinton in overwhelming numbers – 520 to 39.
Chances of a large number of superdelegates flipping are slim to none – remember these are true Democrats. These are elected party leaders in each state and elected officials on local, state, and federal levels.

Again, what makes his recent appeal to superdelegates so interesting is that Sanders has been the ultimate anti-establishment candidate, but now he is asking diehard Democrats to abandon Clinton at a time when she has a strong grip on the nomination. Dude – not going to happen.
Look, I get it; I agree with most of what Sanders says about income gaps, high poverty, student loans, education, etc.He’s an older guy that has done something amazing; appealed to young people and brought many new voters into the process.

He is anti-establishment, Anti-Wall Street and Corporate America. He also focused on dealing with poverty, equality, and free education.
With his often times disheveled appearance, Sanders seems very authentic and certainly passionate about core Democratic issues, so I totally understand the liberal attraction to him.

However, as Kenny Rogers once sang, “You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them. know when to walk away, know when to run.”

It’s time for Sanders to fold, and work with Clinton and the Democratic party to make his issues priorities. If he continues down his current path, he will not only lose the battle, but he could help the other side win the war.

Signing off from the Indiana Primary,

Reggie Fullwood

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