Beauty Products for Women of Color: Haircare & Skincare

The hunt for quality, befitting beauty products for women of color is over. Learn more about The Dooplex, a retailer of beauty products for minority women:

Finding the right beauty products for Black women can be quite difficult. While there are more options on the market than ever before, and more retailers carrying these products, it’s still far from easy to satisfy all your beauty product needs in one place. Well-acquainted with this problem, four friends came together to create a solution: The Dooplex.

Taking the beauty industry by storm, The Dooplex carries exclusive beauty products for women of color. Made by Black- and other minority-owned businesses, these products range from specially-formulated shampoos and conditioners to braid growth crème, botanical hair and body oils, and razor bump treatments. Each haircare product is carefully formulated to nourish and preserve all grades of textured hair types, while skincare products are designed to moisturize and protect against the harshness of winter.

According to co-founder Rebekah Sager, “From day one, our focus and desire has been to please women of color… [Our site is] designed for women of color; no excuses, no shortcuts, and no compromises.” These products are salon-tested and well-known in cities like Chicago and Detroit. While the selection isn’t as diverse as other popular beauty stores (yet), The Dooplex plans to carefully add items that complement each other, are of the highest quality, and can be relied upon. Unlike mainstream beauty stores, The Dooplex’s aim is not to represent hundreds of brands. Rather, the goal is to provide the highest-quality beauty products for Black women.

“We hope The Dooplex will be a brand and place where women can go and know confidently they’ll find products they can depend on,” Sager tells Fashionista. “We also hope women will come because they know their money is supporting a Black-owned business, in a black community.” The next time you need to prepare for a corporate headshot or a night out with the girls, you can rely on these beauty products for women of color. Whether you’re on the lookout for a hydrating skin care system or a super-hold, non-flaking gel to maintain your twists, you’ll find the perfect product at The Dooplex. (LP)

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