Beauty, Brains & Sports Highlight K.I.N.G. Foundation Holiday

The 2nd annual “Beauty Brains and Business Holiday” weekend and the “Kupcakes and Kickball” events held the weekend of December 16-17th benefited the non-profit Kids In Need of Guidance and Grace Foundation (K.I.N.G.). The K.I.N.G. Foundation is named after one of the founder’s son King, whose father was killed during a robbery in 2013.  K.I.N.G. Foundation is a foundation that focuses on mentoring and impacting the lives of children that have lost a parent(s) to unforeseen circumstances. “We knew we needed to help others cope, so we decided to deliver K.I.N.G. baskets filled with household and toiletry items donated and placed in decorated and holiday themed laundry baskets.”  Donated baskets are used to help a parent/guardian from having to purchase specified items for a month or so, so in turn they can focus on the holiday,” said Founder Megan Archer.

The Beauty Brains and Business Holiday Social event was held at Club Myth, which featured African American women owned businesses and independent consultants. Hosted by Comedian Nod Ross, attendees were able to peruse local business vendor booths and receive beauty and health tips for a prosperous New Year! The Kupcakes and Kickball featured children whose parents have been lost due to a parent(s) unforeseen circumstances for a day of sports, dessert, plenty of fun and a balloon release for the deceased parents. Over 30 baskets were distributed for the holiday season.

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