Annual Sickle Cell Walk Keeps Disease’ Awareness live in Jax

Over 100 supporters dedicated to the elimination of sickle cell disease rallied together for the annual 5K Walk for a cure for Sickle Cell. Walker’s warmed-up and trekked to the three-mile stint to the finish line through downtown Jacksonville.

Since 1971, the National Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA) has served as the only voluntary national organization working full-time to resolve issues surrounding sickle cell disease and heighten community awareness of prevention.

The walk is usually held during September, National Sickle Cell Month due to North Florida hurricanes.

Pictured l-r are Sickle Cell advocates Eunice Rogers, Selena Webster-Bass, Wanda Patterson, President Ben Green, Larry Rogers, Anest McCarthy, Dr. C.B. Mcntosh and Coordinator Alpha Hay.

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