Annual Pastor Luncheon Spreads Love, Information an Appreciation

On Friday, October 19th the fifth annual pastors appreciation Luncheon was held at TIAA Stadium.

Pastors from throughout the Jacksonville area parts of South Georgia participated in the event that included vendors ranging from car dealerships, and healthcare companies and facilities to cleaning services.

Keynote speaker was retired Florida State University Coach Robert  Bowden. During his speech, Bowden shared, “To the clergy in the room, prayer is strongly needed back into the schools now.  The senseless death at Columbine when one of the shooters approached a young girl and asked her, if she believed in God she replied yes and then he killed her. This made me cry. There are too many problems with our school and all this unnecessary killings, we need more male role models in some of these young men lives,” said Bowden”

The annual luncheon is held each year to say “thank you” to the pastors that work tirelessly to promote peace, love and harmony in the community.

The master of ceremonies was morning praise 107.9 talk show host Terry Hill. Pastors from all the denominations attended the event. “Methodists to Episcopalian, Baptists to Church of God and even Catholics, we are here to gain insight into healthcare, hear speakers and visit the vendor booths,” said Hill.  “Being informed, together as pastors we can heal the city and the nation,” said Hill.

Hill was adamant in conveying to attendees that no one does more for the community than our pastors.  Attendees were also reminded that pastors care, pray, plan and encourage their congregations to be the best they can when interacting with their families, parishioners and friends.

 Shown is AARP Rep Justine Conley with pastors spinning the wheel of AARP Fortune.

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