Adventure Landing is ready to Scare You!

Each year, children and adults participate in traditional Halloween activities with some folks loving the pseudo holiday more than others.   Activities normally include trick-or-treating, costume parties, pumpkins carving, etc. Well this year a local fun spot, Adventure Landing, wants kids and adults to come out for “Haunt Nights 2018.”

The Halloween themed attraction was launched last week on October 5th and will take  place at the Beach Blvd. Adventure Landing location on select nights through the end of the month. The company was excited to announce that there are four haunted attractions with over 80 actors featured this year.

The newest haunted attraction is called Payn Manor and is named after a local legendary ghost Alpha Paynter, who is believed to haunt the Taco Lu building next door to Adventure Landing. Legend has it that Paynter, who in life ran a boarding house, orphanage and the Homestead Restaurant from that location until 1962, haunts the building.

While the Adventure Landing team has created a fictional attraction in honor of the ghost, some locals swear that she is real. The Taco Lu location is known as one of the seven most haunted spots in Northeast Florida.

Shown mingling with a Haunted Nights character is staff photographer Anthony Barlow. For tickets and more info visit

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