A Journey of Vision, Passion, Purpose, Entertainment and Workshops Enriches the 2016 Odyssey Media Network Retreat

Odyssey Media CEO Linda Spradley Dunn, known for her moniker: “I’m Dunn talking” was in rare form for the 2016 Odyssey Network Ultimate Business Retreat conference held May 31st – June 3rd at the Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, Florida. Thousands of woman from all walks of life came together to hear experts in their field discuss topics pertaining to travel, health, business, politics, technology and more!  The Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, housewives and celebrities also had the opportunity to shop till they dropped, while excitedly meeting women that boast the same ideas and innovative consciousness.

Attendees and guests were enthusiastic to attend the symposiums and panel workshops listed in the network journal program. Cookie Johnson, wife of renowned basketball player and philanthropist Magic Johnson held the audience captive with her workshop, “From Passion to Purpose, a Conversation with Cookie Johnson,” hosted by Writer -Producer, Author & Arts Advocate Susan Fales-Hill.  Linda Sprat Dunn co-hosted the dialogue encouraging women to stay focus as glass ceiling are being shattered across the nation. Odysseys media audience was in a trance and in awe of the speaker’s fortitude and actions toward their platform.

Wanda Durant, mother of famed basketball player Kevin Durant attended the refreshing dialogue featuring Jax Urban Traveler Columnist “Beyond Vacation – Travel Enriches You!”. The panel consisted of four women who travel extensively around the country and the world: Bahia Ramos, Arts Program Director, Knight Foundation, Samantha West, CEO, South Africa Travel and Tours, Marisa Milton, Regional Vice President, Human Resources, Marriott Hotels of Canada and Diane Montgomery Ellis (SPHR), Head of Talent Acquisition & Mobility Snyders-Lance, Inc. Symposium Sponsor  Marriott Hotels Vice President of Workforce Engagement & Global Diversity  Maruiel Perkins-Chavis remarked, “Marriott supports corporate travelers and travelers who want to have fun. Marriott offers a diverse and eclectic experience”. The expert panel discussed travel to South Africa, corporate travel, tours and vacation excursions. The room was packed with travel agents, women who travel for fun and women travelers discovering cultural connections throughout the world.

Other special guest included singer Gladys Knight, actress Diahann Carroll, Blackish actress Yara Shahidi, Professor Omarosa Manigault, TV Producer Debra Martin Chase and more!  For further details visit www.odysseymediainc.com.  Plan to attend next year’s 2017 conference, same location in sunny North Florida! Now, “I’m Dunn talking”! Thank you to the Odyssey media team and CEO Linda Spradley Dunn.



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