92-year-old Woman Forced Out of Church Because She Couldn’t Afford to Pay Tithes

Josephine King
By A.R. Shaw, Rolling Out
Josephine King, 92, has been a member of the First African Baptist Church in Bainbridge, Georgia, for 50 years, but leaders at the church have revoked her membership due to her financial difficulties.

According to WALB, King discovered that she was kicked out of the church after receiving a letter from Sr. Pastor Derrick Mike. The letter states that King was no longer a member because of her “non-support in the areas of constant and consistent financial participation.”

King was unable to attend church over the past few weeks because she was sick. She also needed to use her extra money on medication, so she wasn’t able to pay her tithes. But the leaders of the church didn’t show King any mercy.

Since King was forced out, several other members have come forward to discuss similar experiences when it comes down to paying tithes at First African Baptist Church.

Sr. Pastor Mike and other church leaders have yet to give a reasonable explanation as to why a 92-year-old woman can’t worship at her home church because she failed to tithe.

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