Jacksonville Educators Speak at 2022 African Language Conference African Language Week

Jacksonville Educators Speak at 2022 African Language Conference African Language Week 2022, included Africa Day 2022, held on the audio app Clubhouse. William and Aida Jackson, Jacksonville educators invited to speak on the global Clubhouse audio platform focusing on, “African Languages: Let’s Amplify the Continent’s Voices.”

Their session “African Storytellers and Building Relationships” centered on how African storytellers (griots) contained collective histories of whole villages and communities. Griots were the living libraries that served as history keepers, historical records and family archives of villages, communities and in some cases small cities. This is seen still in many African and even American cities in Black, Hispanic, Haitian, Mexican, Latino and other cultural communities.  The value of this is seen in people knowing their family histories.

The conference was created by Avishta Seeras a Neuro-language Educator, Translator and Ady Namaran Coulibaly,  Operations Manager at Bolingo and the host of Africa’s LSP Podcast
(https://open.spotify.com/show/5NUIJIWkV5MYTgvO6Qavir) in collaboration of African Language Week.

There were 30 sessions with 30 African presenters over the 4 days with speakers that represented many of the diverse languages of Africa. There are over 1500 African languages that are spoken across the 54 nations that make up the continent of Africa. Speakers shared how colonialism and slavery has devastated and eradicated hundreds of older languages, and how African
nations are building past colonialism, embracing new technologies to connect across the continent and rebuilding old languages in teaching youth, teens and young adults the future generations that will lead Africa. Economics play a key role in language, being able to communicate and build relationships across language barriers is still important in this digital age. Africa Day is key to share the growth of Africa in positive ways of development https://www.clubhouse.com/club/africa-day and growth globally.

Avishta (she/her) and Ady (she/her) are both African and teach about global languages and their influence in building collaborations and relationships globally. The conference, the first of its kind globally was held from Thursday, January 27th to Sunday, January 30th. Over the 4 days approximately 1600 people attended the conference using the audio app. Technologies like these have changed the way educators are provided professional development, businesses are moving to audio and virtual trainings and ministries are virtual with streaming services.

The world has moved to digital education, digital collaborations and business partnerships. People are being changed by tools, platforms and apps never before thought of just 5 to 7 years ago.   Audio apps like Clubhouse, Twitter Places, Instagram and even Facebook provide new ways of communication and collaboration. Since joining Clubhouse in 2021 William and Aida being college and university professors respectively have spoken at 9 global conferences in 2021 and 8 global conferences so far in 2022 that focus on STEAM Education and Learning, The Arts and Global Learning.

There are many opportunities to network, build professional learning networks and personal learning communities across apps that connect people. The coming development of the Metaverse and Web 3.0 will continue to change how learning, engagement, collaboration and sharing resources will be done There are growing chances to grow wealth, influence and establish businesses via digital platforms.

Lingua-Cultura shares language connections globally that encourages collaboration and connects to build relationships and partnerships across Africa and globally.

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