Bishop Ken Adkins Professes Innocence

Bishop Kenneth Adkins
(Source: The Greater Dimensions Christian Fellowship Admin Team) – On August 26, 2016, After being informed that arrest warrants had been issued for his arrest stemming from allegations of child molestation allegedly occurring on his 50th birthday, January 22, 2010, Bishop Kenneth Adkins turned himself in to the Glynn County Sheriff’s Office.
After being denied bond in September of 2016 and #wrongfullyconvicted in April of 2017 and subsequently sentenced to #3lifesentences, evidence has now been introduced that proves that Bishop didn’t even know the alleged victim on his 50th birthday.
And to add insult to injury, the Brunswick Police Department recently produced evidence from an open records request that proves that the former District Attorney Jackie Johnson was given evidence from them that proved that the alleged victim, Anntwan Jones, was testifying falsely when he made those claims about Bishop’s birthday.  The former District Attorney never turned that evidence over to Bishop’s legal counsel, according to Attorney Kevin Gough, Bishop’s lawyer.
Bishop remains in prison, awaiting his #motionfornewtrial2021.

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