5 Jacksonville Restaurants That Serve Alligator

Alligator is a healthy Southern delicacy that is spreading across the country. To feed your craving, here are five Jacksonville restaurant that serve alligator.

The king of the Everglades, alligators are a huge and healthy part of Southern life. Alligators not only maintain the food chain in the South, but they also provide us with a healthy substitute for red meat and chicken. For a 3.2 ounce slice of alligator meat, there’s a whopping 46 grams of protein and only 232 calories! This is one of the reasons why eating gator became so popular—but, really, everyone loves to eat alligator because it’s absolutely amazing.

If you don’t feel like cooking up your own gator, there are tons of restaurants in Jacksonville and all around Florida that you can (and should) check out. If you’re looking for some golden-fried gator with delicious flavor, you’ll want to stop at some of these places. Here is a quick list of five of our favorite Jacksonville restaurants that serve alligator.

Jacksonville Restaurants that Serve Alligator

  1. Clark’s Fish Camp

Try out their jalapeno gator poppers. They tell you it’s spicy, so get ready for some spicy gator!

  1. Sandollar Restaurant & Marina

They have deep fried gator tail that’ll leave you craving more! Their menu is full of delicious seafood as well—you’ll definitely want to stop here.

  1. Seafood Express

From gator tail as an appetizer to gator tail with shrimp for dinner, Seafood express has everything you’d want to satisfy your craving.

  1. Junior’s Seafood Restaurant & Grill

Their gator tail is fried to a beautiful golden perfection and is served with hush puppies and your choice sides.

  1. Julington Creek Fish Camp

A perfect starter, their fried gator tail is served with a datil pepper aioli.

If you’re thinking about cooking up some alligator at home, try this Crispy Cajun Fried Alligator recipe or these Grilled Citrus Gator Ribs. Keep in mind that the tail and the ribs are some of the best parts!

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