Whether Walking or Running, Jaxons Stride To Make a Difference

Shown L-R are members of the Elite Runners Group Brian Williams, Brandon Mitchell, Sherlyn Noisette, Ashanee Jacob and Paul Nox at the Emerald Trail Walk who supported the event since its start.

For African Americans, reinvesting in the community, providing adult role models and working together are keys to strengthening the success of the community. Whether collectively or on your own, the village works hard to do their part. Last weekend provided the perfect opportunity to give back through various walks/runs to benefit the Diaspora.

Groundwork Jacksonville held their largest event to date with the fourth edition of their Emerald 5K/10K. More than 700 runners, walkers and cyclists hit the streets downtown along the Northbank Riverwalk and San Marco. Since its inception, the event has raised more than $125,000 for Groundwork Jacksonville, the City’s nonprofit partner in building the Emerald Trail and restoring McCoys Creek and Hogans Creek.

Participants and supporters enjoyed a pre- and post-race activities including RTD canned cocktails activities, giveaways and information with the attendees.

The Emerald Trail is a 30-mile urban trail and linear park system that will connect 14 historic neighborhoods to downtown, the St. Johns River, McCoys Creek and Hogans Creek. It will link 16 schools, two colleges, 21 parks and three hospitals among other destinations like cafes, shops, festivals and events. Learn more at groundworkjacksonville.org or follow on all social media @GroundworkJax.

Lupus Walkers on the Front Line for the Cure

The 2023 Walk to End Lupus Now fundraiser was a success with over 400 walkers and raising over $40,000.  For the 9th year walkers united as one lupus community for all people affected by lupus and their families to come together to end lupus the chronic disease. Sponsored by the Duval Lupus Foundation of America, thousands of walkers in nearly 60 cities across the nation to raise money for lupus research, awareness and family support.

This year’s walkers met at the Riverside Arts Market for a day of connecting with other survivors and friends. Melinda Wright, a lupus survivor stated, “My family has found support from this program by being able to network with others living with lupus and sharing our stories,” she said.

The annual walk provides teams with swag bags with everything from lupus education materials to clothing. People that have Lupus suffer with this chronic (long-term) autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation and pain in any part of your body. Shown is Team Lupus members L-R Chandra Pinkston, Melinda Wright, Demetric Early, Gloria Miller and Vivian Bradford. For more info visit https://www.lupus.org.

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