Tommy Bahama Marlin Bars Happy New Year Cocktail Resolutions

Healthier living goals in mind or living a Zero-Proof month? Don’t worry, Tommy Bahama’s here to help with those New Year Resolutions. Whether participating in dry January, also known as Dry-uary, or wanting to improve eating habits and health, Tommy Bahama Marlin Bars have easy and affordable options that are guaranteed for resolution success.

Tommy Bahama Marlin Bars are offering three Zero-Proof drinks for the month of Dry-uary – and beyond. The Island Tea offers a hint of mint with a citrus mangokick. The Faux-Jito spruces up a lemon-lime soda and the Sicilian Peach embodies a creamy-coconut with a hint of peach and jalapeno spice. These delicious drinks will provide refreshing tastes without breaking the Dry-uary goals.

A variety of healthy meals are offered at all Tommy Bahama Marlin Bars, from Blackened Mahi Mahi Tacos topped off with a flavorful chipotle aioli and tangy island slaw, to fresh salads and bowls, like the Roasted Vegetable Bowl packed with fresh vegetables, a tangy lime vinaigrette, and an option to add a protein. Bold and tasteful flavor awaits with healthy and nourishing ingredients. These delectable drinks and dishes will keep the inspiration for health flowing.

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