Think Bold Fest 2024 Returns with All Genre Industry Icons & Insiders

Shown is Wealth Watchers CEO Carrie Davis with Think Bold Fest 2024 event co-founder Maurice Henderson

By T. Higgs | Returning to the Hyatt Regency Riverfront Hotel, Think Bold Festival & Conference 2024 invited attendees to dive into a dynamic fusion of ideas, experiences, and opportunities. Going beyond the typical conference setup, this year’s event aimed to provide a complete experience, blending in music, culinary delights, and immersive technology. Troy McNair, a key figure among the festival’s founders, emphasized its distinctive ethos, explaining, “While our core is innovation and technology, we like to think of it as ‘disguised learning.’ It’s not just about the tech; we weave in elements of music, culture, and art to create a richer experience.”  In line with this philosophy, Think Bold infused elements of entertainment and creativity into its agenda. The conference agenda included everything from aviation simulations from major airlines to Masterclass Lounge which provided platforms for spoken word, music production, and robotics programming, creating a diverse exploration of innovation and culture.

The conference featured a wide array of panels and programs, covering topics from real estate investment to community building.  

“I found the entire festival invigorating,” said first timer Shirley Saulsby. She said she was particularly empowered with the resources available to attendees. “It was powerful, not only did they help plant seeds for what you may have ideas for, but they also showed you how to get it done.”


Maurice Henderson, co-founder of the festival, emphasized the significance of finding common ground among seemingly disparate industries. Reflecting on this, Henderson noted, “Even now, weeks and months later, we continue to receive testimonials from influential figures across different sectors that have discovered shared objectives and synergy.”  While the conference embraced ambitious goals, its founders remained committed to a methodical approach in building its framework. “As we grow, it’s all about building relationships,” explained McNair. “Years one, two, three, they’re about building a foundation.” As the conference unfolded, attendees not only engaged in stimulating discussions and experiences but also had the chance to connect and unwind at the VIP Happy Hour. As participants departed, they carried not just knowledge but also a renewed sense of purpose, driving them toward a future filled with bold possibilities. (Photos: Khalifa Dieye)

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