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Members of the world’s imperialist press are reporting that the Palestinian group Hamas has sexually assaulted Jewish women.

If the reports are true, the actions of rapists are truly despicable and must be addressed.

I say “if” because I have not seen interviews with victimized women, I have not seen “rape kit” results that prove sexual assault and I have not seen alleged rapists that admit their participation in devilish rapes.

What I have seen is people of color, especially Blacks, who have been falsely accused of sexual and other crimes reported merely on the word of aggrieved women.

Women all over the globe have been victims of sex crimes. But, the imperialist press is reluctant to abhor sexual crimes committed on women of color.

There have been sexual assaults on every continent on earth. But the greatest outrage is generated when pale-skinned women are the victims of sex crimes.

During the age of colonialism, women of color were raped with regularity. Women of color were described as savages and uncivilized monsters.

In slavery days, women of color were not merely “belly warmers”, they were victims of slave master rapes. Don’t try to even think that slave women happily volunteered to sleep with Thomas Jefferson and other so-called American heroes.

Not only was it ungodly to rape and impregnate slaves, mixed children of slavery encounters were also taken from their mothers and sold to other slavers.

Ask Native Americans if women and children in their ancestry were raped by colonists.

Ask Nigerians if rapes occurred when Muslim extremists kidnapped young girls and women from schoolrooms.

The news reporters you love are quiet as a church mouse about the rapes of women of color.

They are also quiet when women lie about sexual misconduct and crimes.

How many times have pale women lied and said, “The Black man killed my children”, or “The Black boy whistled at me”, or “The Black man raped me”? And, how many times did the press discuss the false allegations for weeks and weeks?

Don’t pretend you never heard why Emmett Till was attacked and murdered. You know what triggered the Rosewood, Florida massacre.

Now, I agree that any perpetrators of sexual assault, men or women, should be punished accordingly.

I have two daughters and a baby sister. If either of them is sexually assaulted or raped, you wouldn’t have to call 5-0. Just tell me where the rapists are, and I’ll do all I can to behead them just like Sir Walter Raleigh was beheaded, afterward, I’ll take the rapist’s head to the police and turn myself in.

I would not use rape or alleged rapes to justify the killing of 10,000 innocent, and civilian women and children.

The sexual assault or rape of any woman is disgusting and devilish. I encourage members of the press to equally report the sex crimes experienced by all women.

“Becky” is put on a pedestal. But all women of all races aa

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