The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt –  When the United States Supreme Court shows you whom they prefer to serve, believe them!

     Don’t be surprised that the Court has ruled that Affirmative Action must be discontinued because the programs were allegedly operating in violation of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

      If you act, think, and behave like Justice Clarence Thomas you’ll be welcome at any school you seek to attend.

      Affirmative Action has never been much more than a slogan. What is unwanted is diversity.

      The education needs of hillbillys, swamp dwellers, and trailer park residents have always been more important to judges and their white conservative benefactors in colleges and in society.

      Many predominately white colleges and universities owe Black Americans admission opportunities. If you don’t know, Yale University is named for a slave trader, Elihu Yale. Harvard administrators, faculty, and staff once enslaved nearly 100 Black people, and Princeton former Presidents owned slaves and profited off the slave trade.

      Admission policies in every university in America should reflect “colorblindness” and shun affirmative action and diversity, Justices suggest.

      I don’t think George Wallace was colorblind when he blocked Black students from entering the doors at the University of Alabama.

      The most diverse colleges and universities in America are HBCUs, Historically Black Colleges and Universities. There are white Deans, administrators, faculty, and students at most, if not all, HBCUs.

      Wonder how universities would feel about all-white football, basketball, and other players on “colorblind” college sports teams. Perhaps affirmative action is great for college sports where Black athletes make millions for white schools while their Black friends and neighbors cut grass and rake leaves on the white college campuses?

     I attended a Black elementary and a Black high school before graduating from a predominately white high school and college.

     But guess what, both of those schools are now predominately Black.

      The extremist, separatist, and supremacist Supreme Court knows that most schools in America will be predominately schools of colored people, Black, Latino, Native American, and so forth sooner than they imagine.

      The Supreme Court will do all it can to prevent or delay the inevitable school changes.

        The bottom line is what it always has been, conservative Justices with Donald Trump mindsets rule on education admission procedures by climbing on top of the Supreme Court building, raising the roof, and then kicking down the ladder so no American with melanin could ever have equal educational opportunities in the United States.

         We must build and attend our own schools like Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, and Carter G. Woodson advised at some time.

        Don’t waste your time weeping, wailing, moaning, and gnashing your teeth about the end of affirmative action.

        Do for self, learn from elders, and build your own institutions of higher learning.

        The “Ivy League” is a group of slavery-infected institutions that will be happy to abide by court rulings that would decrease the admittance of Black students.

         Stop begging others to educate us their way. Our people were scholarly and civilized when other people were bumbling around in caves.

          All people can learn from and with each other.

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