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By Lucius Gantt –  I have always been reluctant to tell Gantt Report readers how to vote or whom to vote for.

      But I must say I am very concerned about Black rappers, entertainers, preachers, Imams, and businessmen and businesswomen who are quick to tell media outlets how fond they are of Donald Trump, the man I comically refer to as “The Russian Babayka”.

      Ye (Kanye West) and Ice Cube have both expressed delight about meeting with Trump or his staffers and associates.

       I’ve written a book of poetry but I’m not a rapper by any means. I’ve worked in politics for decades, I know political operatives, and, in my mind, Ye and Ice Cube know little or nothing about how to maneuver in the world of politics.

      When Black people parrot Donald Trump, they are parroting Russian President Vladimir Putin.

       When some Blacks who show love to Trump are asked why, the responses vary. Some say, “Trump sent me a check” during the COVID aftermath. Others say, “Biden hasn’t done anything for us”.

        Well, if you take a rudimentary look at what Presidents have done for Black Americans, no President has done what they could have done or what they should have done, including President Barack Obama.

         No disrespect to Barack. Obama was the Black man in the Oval Office, he was never the President for Black people. He was the President for ALL Americans and all citizens of all colors.

         The talk about Biden “doing nothing” is an “alternative truth”. In fact,  he has signed more meaningful legislation than any President with the possible exception of President Lyndon Johnson.

         Ye, Ice Cube, Oprah, Beyonce, and other rich Blacks got the same huge tax cuts as white billionaires and millionaires.

          Back to the parrots, Blacks who love Trump, know, or should know, that Trump has done hateful things to Blacks for a long, long time. He tried to keep Blacks out of his housing units, ran full-page ads saying the innocent Central Park Five were guilty and should be executed, he said African Americans should go back to Africa to live in huts, called a crazy dark-skinned candidate for governor, “Martin Luther King on steroids”, he did everything he could to suppress Black votes, he described Black federal and state prosecutors as “racists” and he even fired Amorosa.

        Trump wants to end American democracy, abandon the U.S. Constitution, and win the Presidential election to become an American dictator, for life!

         Trump’s campaign plan is to please Putin by dividing Americans, pulling out of NATO, causing Congressional chaos, and stopping American funding for Ukrainians in their fight against Russian invaders.

       Not only should Black voters reconsider showing love to Putin and giving voter support to Trump, but Black voters should also not vote for other devilish GOP politicians like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is on a crusade to ban Black books; and all other Republicans who hate CRT and DEI programs around the country.

      I could go on and on, but you get today’s message. Don’t parrot Putin and Trump or vote for candidates that hate you!

      Stop taking political advice from rappers who will encourage you to vote for white supremacists who invite them to White House Klan meetings to eat stale donuts and cold coffee.

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