Thaddeus and Doris Wilson Celebrate 56 Years of Black Love

Their romance began in the summer of 1963 in Nashville, Tennessee.  Thaddaeus Wilson (Joe) and Doris Beasley lived across the street from each other for over two years with no real communication between them.
Thaddeus and Doris Wilson
Their paths crossed one day when Doris was at Hadley Park in north Nashville, learning how to play tennis with some of her friends.  Thaddaeus was already there with some of his friends playing tennis and recognized Doris as the girl from across the street and decided to go over and teach her how to play the game.  They played for hours! The following day, Thaddeus went across the street to see Doris beginning their courtship and they became inseparable!  One year later, July 1, 1964, they were married. Joe Wilson graduated with a Degree in Economics from Fisk University, while Doris finished at Tennessee State University with a degree in Sociology.  From there the lovebirds began their 56 year romance raising two children, living in different states, allowing them to travel and finally settle in Duval County to enjoy their four grandchildren. Joe retired from the Army Corps of Engineers and Doris from the City of Jacksonville. When asked for the secret of their success, Joe says “Its Christ, love, forgiveness, and compromise,” He continued, “After 56 years, you will have arguments, fights and everything in between. If you put Christ first and remember you’re married for life, you will find a way to overcome any obstacles and be happy,”
Shown is the couple happily gazing into those 56 year old eyes of love!

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