‘Test Your Bible Knowledge’

God created the fish of the sea, the fowl in the air, and every living thing that move upon the earth’. Today’s trivia is about the animals in the Bible.

1) Do animals have a soul?

2)How many animals are mentioned in the Bible?

4) Which animal killed forty-two boys?

5) Can you name at least 5 birds in the Bible?

6) Complete the following verse: And though after my skin……


***Biblical Note*** In Egypt cobras were used to commit suicide. It has been said that Cleopatra used this method to end her life. In the Old Testament a cobra or asp is clearly mentioned. In Psalm 58:4-5 speaks about snake-charming and cobras were traditionally used for this purpose.

Answers – 1) No soul. Animals weren’t created in the image and likeness of God;  2) over 120 species;  3) Genesis 3:1;  4) Bear – 2nd Kings 2:23-24;  5) cock, raven, dove, eagle, quail… 6) Job 19:26;  7)moth

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‘Test Your Bible Knowledge’

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