Reading Divas Don’t Let Covid-19 Stop Their Literary Bond

The Reading Divas bookclub prepared for a new school year by discussing the book titled, “The Day My World Changed – Helping Children Understand Covid -19.” The book was written by Jacksonville authors Trey and Natalie Sheppard and illustrated by Randy Jennings. During the August book talk, members discussed how the story provided a clear illustration of the pandemic from a child’s viewpoint.  The authors opened a chapter of their lives to create a book for children everywhere.  The book provided a sounding board for club members to express varied pandemic experiences.
Mother daughter due hosts Tia and Taige Leathers created a personalized virtual vibe complete with a surprise author cameo Q&A.  Group members applauded the book which was perfect timing to begin conversations about Coronavirus and how lives have all been changed.
The authors expressed their satisfaction in joining in on the virtual book talk, stating “it was the sweetest book club ever! We hope every reader everywhere understands Covid -19 better and feels so much better about the day their world changed. We wish everyone to stay safe happy and well!” said Natalie Sheppard .
The Reading Divas have gathered virtually since local schools went to virtual learning in Spring 2020.  The book club aspires to strengthen the bond between mothers and daughters through reading; brighten hearts, heighten minds, strengthen spirits and ultimately create a village forum for navigating discussions. 

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