Personalized Podcast Content Coming To An App Near You

Going against the maxim that video killed the radio star, audio search and delivery platform Audioburst recently announced the launch of its Platform for Apps, the world’s first podcast feed for mobile apps.

The Tel Aviv-based company’s AI technology listens to, analyzes and indexes hundreds of millions of minutes of audio content, including podcasts and radio, which are segmented into short audio clips and then aggregated into playlists.

It works with companies and products that already have listeners, such as smart speakers or entertainment system manufacturers.

With over 100 million Americans now regularly listening to podcasts, Audioburst says it is capitalizing on the shift in consumer behavior in the direction of audio rather than visual content to layer podcasts and talk radio into apps that don’t yet deliver audio content.

Adding audio content to apps in fields such as travel, navigation or well-being provides app developers with another layer that boosts user engagement and retention, while consumers get to enjoy personalized and updated audio content on their favorite apps.


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“At Audioburst, our mission is to champion the entire podcast ecosystem, making content accessible to users while also benefiting creators and publishers,” said co-founder and CEO Amir Hirsh.

“With this new product launch, we are taking another step towards achieving that goal. We are bringing a wealth of content to users in their favorite apps, helping podcasts reach new audiences and driving mobile app engagement and monetization.”

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