Northside Church of Christ 50th Ministerial Anniversary Celebrating Pastor Charlie E. and Ida McClendon

Pastor and Mrs. Charlie McClendon

The congregants of Northside Church of Christ’s (NSCOC) will celebrate Senior Minister/Elder Charlie and his wife Ida McClendon’s 50th Ministerial Anniversary, September 20th – 24th.

The McClendons have lived an exemplary life of service and dedication to the church and its people. Married for 64 years, the McClendons emphasis has always been on strong family, love and life.  Over these fifty years, Brother McClendon’s God-inspired vision and leadership led to the planning and implementation of successful programs, workshops, and ministries at Northside. Pastor McClendon led programs include: a daycare center (1978), Let the Bible Speak television program (1982); 501 C 3 non-profit – Northside Community Involvement, Inc. (NCI) (1997);  nationally sought-out publication/workshop on developing church growth (1999);  Sister to Sister Girls Mentoring and the Boys Working to Improve the Neighborhoods (WIN) Program (2003);  Community Resource Center (2010) and ongoing plans to open a school/academy under the umbrella of Northside Community Involvement (NCI) (2020).

The McClendons came to Northside in 1973, focusing on building and working on the premise of love and worship. Brother McClendon’s strategy was to develop a complete leadership (minister, elders, and deacons) and a scripturally sound congregation life lesson coaching, sound Bible teachings and evangelism. Within the first three years of his leadership, the congregation grew from a membership of 200 to 800.  Through the McClendon’s sincere devotion for the Lord, countless thousands have sought and gained strength and salvation for the glory of God through McClendons gift of baptism.  Eventually it became necessary to offer multiple worship services throughout the day to accommodate the hundreds of members due to the size of the building.

The McClendons are the proud parents of five children, several grandchildren, a host of great-grandchildren and many great-great-grandchildren.

A public 50th Ministerial Celebration will occur September 20th-24th, 2023 with events that include a black tie gala, and interactive celebratory activities, 7 p.m. nightly at the church building, 4736 Avenue B. For more information, visit or contact the church office at (904) 765-9830 and/or follow NSCOC Facebook page @nscocjaxfl.

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