No Takers for Dutch Woman’s ‘Pop Art Style’ Mini ‘Love Hotel’

A Dutch woman threatens to paint her “pop art style” mini “love hotel” completely white if she cannot find a buyer by Aug. 1.

It is located in a building on the Gedempte Raamgracht in the northern Dutch city of Haarlem in the province of  North Holland, just 25 minutes from Amsterdam and the seaside.

Willemijn de Lint purchased the property which consists of a bedroom, bathroom kitchen toilet, and a small garden in 2016. She wanted couples to have a romantic break in her mini “love hotel.” De Lint viewed the project as a labor of love, she told Zenger News.

“I found that there was no fun place to rent, only boring corny hotel rooms that make you impotent as soon as you walk in. I myself missed somewhere spectacular to stay and surprise your lover with. More like an adventure. And I was right, there really is a demand for that,” she said.

Local government officials were not thrilled with her semi-official business plan. They ordered her to apply for all the correct permits.

After deciding that getting those permits was too much work, she decided to put it on sale where it quickly went viral on the real estate agent’s pages of Funda, notching 254,000 views.

The bedroom of the kinky Dutch apartment. (

“The artwork is pretty erotic and it’s obvious I believe in free love, so I don’t blame them for thinking like that.  And I have never encountered any aggressiveness, they were always friendly – and it does help that I’m 6 ft. 3. Men are mostly pretty well behaved around me,” she said.

Despite all the interest in her ”sin suite,“ a buyer still has not been found. Loads of people turned up to view it online, but not many people seem to be serious buyers.

Panorama view of the bathroom. (

Although no longer rented for love, she had found a lucrative temporary solution involving people turning up for photos, de Lint said.

“The interest is still limited, because it’s a niche market,“ Jolien Marbus from Hein Makelaars, the realtor that has listed the property, told Zenger News, adding that all were lured in by the publicity.

There has been some serious interest, Marbus said.

A mural in the bathroom. (


The sink in the apartment’s bathroom. (

However, they would have an easier time selling the condo if de Lint follows through on her threat to dress it down and paint the walls white.

“It would be easier. It’s a good place at a good location for starters, but it won’t be easy to dismount all the artwork,“ Marbus said. “The price is based on the art and the special interior. If no one is interested in the house in its current state, it will be exciting to see what price it will get after it’s changed.“

Doing this will create a new “great blank canvas.” De Lint will be happy either way, she said.

(Edited by John Rossomando and Allison Elyse Gualtieri.)

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