Neighbors Clean Up and Green Up Neighborhood

The neighborhood along Robena Road, off  of Interstate 295 and Lem Turner Road, is a vibrant community featuring condos and single family homes. Area resident Leon Barber’s daily routine always included morning walks where he noticed trash lining the streets and sidewalks. Finally, Barber was fed up with the sight and decided to enlist the help of his neighbors to clean the streets. Barber along with eight of his neighbors from the Verdes Garden Condo Complex woke up early on a Saturday morning and picked up ten bags of litter along the sidewalks and curbs. With one phone call to the city, the neighbors were also able to retrieve cleaning supplies from the solid waste department and the cities “Clean It Up, Green It Up” program. This initiative helps improve the quality of life of Jacksonville residents through community cleanups and other neighborhood improvement efforts.

“People have to understand that when you litter the streets in your community, or anywhere else for that matter, it’s no different from throwing garbage on the floor in your house,” said Barber. “Your surroundings are an extension of your house and reflect the mindset of those who live there and inevitably property values will go down,” he added. Currently, Barber and his neighbors continue the daily trek and are hoping that residents in the community make a conscious effort to take pride in their surroundings.

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