Morris Brown College Receives Accreditation after 20 Years

ATLANTA - JULY 18: Morris Brown College (founded in 1881) signage on July 18, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

By Victor Omondi (Source: – Having lost accreditation in 2002 as a result of financial challenges, Morris Brown College is now celebrating after getting its accreditation back. They made it official that they had received the accreditation candidacy via the Transnational Association of Christian College and schools.

“We are elated about accreditation candidacy and making history,” Dr. Kevin James, president of Morris Brown College, said in a statement to The Atlanta Voice. “I want to thank all the faculty and staff for their hard work. We intend on making history as the first HBCU to regain its status after a twenty-year hiatus and the first HBCU to have a flagged hotel on its campus for a hospitality education program.”

He went further to say that, “these achievements have sparked other closed HBCUs to try again. Without the resilience, support, and prayers from the Board of Trustees, African Methodist Episcopal church, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community, we would not be here.”

The college is ready to get back to its normal learning programs after regaining its accreditation. Because of the accreditation, they’ll one more time return and stand along with Atlanta HBCUs like Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, and Morehouse College.

According to the TRACS website, this is only the initial step. The organization explicitly states, “While candidacy indicates that an institution appears to have the potential to achieve accreditation within the prescribed five-year period, this level of recognition does not guarantee the institution will become accredited.”

The university president shared a video on Instagram over the donation that was meant to help them get their accreditation back. The $500,000 that was collected assisted in the accreditation application in October.

The goal of the college is to prepare an individual to live a meaningful and rewarding life.

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