Janay White, Mother of 2 & CEO of 8 Companies at 33: J White Enterprises

Janay White of J. White Enterprises
Janay White, Mother of 2 & CEO of 8 Companies at 33: J White Enterprises
J White Enterprises

Janay White, the CEO of 8 companies, one being J White Enterprises, is a mother of two and an example of financial independence. Janay’s mission is to help people attain financial freedom and create generational wealth. Being a former employee, working two jobs a day for a living, Janay is no stranger to financial lack, also given that she was not one of the fortunate ones to be born with the proverbial silver spoon.

Janay highlights one of the surreal moments in her career as– “Walking into a Mercedes dealership and buying a car was something I didn’t think I would ever be able to do when I worked 2 jobs! Entrepreneurship has allowed me to not only do just that but do it TWICE!”

Janay White is the CEO of
• J White Enterprises
• Luigi’s Concrete and More LLC
• J WHITE Construction INC
• J WHITE Marketing INC
• J White Holdings INC
• JW Enterprises Unlimited LLC
• J White Auto Sales
• J White Tax Corp
In addition, she runs a small rental car company where she rents out her business vehicles to single mothers.

“Janay was a social worker and fraud investigator at the Florida Department of Children and Families from 2010-2020! She was also a Revenue Auditor in the accounting and finance department at UPS from 2011-2020! Janay White has proven to be an extremely hard-working, dedicated, and extraordinary woman!” – J White Enterprises

Janay sat in bad credit for 7 years after receiving her first loan of $500 from Vystar Credit Union when she was 18 years old. She began rebuilding her credit at the age of 25, teaching herself to boost her scores. With the success of her credit boost, she seemed to have found the formula to not succumb to debt. Janay wishes to pass her knowledge on credit to anyone and everyone out there to nurture a generation of wise wealth. Janay White is determined to use her credit testimony and knowledge to prevent others in her community from following the same path and lead them to a world of good credit in these ever changing times.

Janay White conducts seminars, classes and even one-on-one counseling sessions to pass her knowledge of credit to others. She calls her seminars, The Credit Repair University where she focuses mainly on her mission to preach what she is practicing, ie, financial independence especially while being a woman.

For example, J White Enterprises provides services for credit monitoring sites to help check everyone’s credit scores that gives a detailed report of what affects the credit score, etc. This is just one company out of the 8 that Janay runs.

Janay is passionate and addicted to credit and she has created the best recipe for a perfect business in credit, learning from the dark sides of credit she herself has been in. This passion and knowledge acquired with a lot of struggle, fuels her to educate others on wealth creation. Janay is found busy hosting seminars, providing mentorship courses and one-on-one sessions to teach people exactly what she does. She believes that with the right information, dedication and willpower, anyone can achieve financial independence and contribute to creating a generation of wealth.

About J White Enterprises
J White Enterprises contains Janay White’s companies of which she is the CEO with vast knowledge and years of experience. Janay has tried and tested her way into credit success and she is all into passing on the knowledge by way of her seminars and sessions.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/JwhiteEnterprises/

Media Details
Company: J White Enterprises
Phone: 904-834-5116
Email: Info@jwhite-enterprises.com
Website: https://jwhite-enterprises.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JWhiteEnterprises/

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