It’s On You In The New Year!

Lequita Brooks LCSW MSW, The Social Work Incubator
No more woe is me.

No more victim mentality.

No more looking externally.

It’s beyond time to take ownership of your life, your career, and your business in the new year.

No more excuses.

No more playing the blame game.

No more looking at what everybody else did to you or didn’t do and look at what you personally could’ve done differently.

You and I can take some life lessons from ‘Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story’. Tyler Perry had a vision that he believed in wholeheartedly, regardless of what anyone else thought. You have a vision too! Tyler Perry invested and continued to invest in his vision when no one else would even after experiencing failure after failure.

You have the ability to invest in your vision too whether it’s your time, talents, treasures, or leveraging your network!

Tyler Perry had sticktoitiveness.

You will also stick to your vision when you understand your obedience to pursue your vision is meant to help someone who is waiting on you too!

It is 2024, and the vision you have for your life, career, and business keeps coming back up because it is your time.

Let me walk you through my 5 step process I use with my clients during their Next Steps Consultation Call:

1. What is your vision?

2. Where are you today in your life, career, or business?

3. What are the things you know to do to achieve your vision and make a list of them?

4. What is the first thing you are going to do from the list to take your next step?

5. Which date do you plan to take your next step?

2024 is your year to get clarity, take your next step, and unapologetically go after the life, career, and business you know you are meant to have!

You have the signature 5-step process I use with my clients, you get to do it independently or schedule your Next Steps Consultation Call with me at via

Happy New Year and it is up to you to take ownership of your 2024!

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