Here’s How Colin Kaepernick Is Helping Parolees Get Back on Their Feet

Colin Kaepernick donates suits outside a NYC parole office
colin Kaepernick

NFL star Colin Kaepernick may be still searching for a team, but while he meets with organizations to see where–or if–he’ll be playing next season, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is putting in work in the community.

After sparking a discussion about the national anthem, policing, and race in America through last season’s protests, Kaepernick has not only donated his own money to causes aimed at advocating for justice, but he’s also given his time. Recently, the football star stopped by a Queens, New York parole office to donate suits to formerly incarcerated people to make the job hunting process easier. To make it happen, Kaepernick partnered with the group 100 Suits, which provides free business attire to men and women searching for employment.

According to its website, 100 Suits is “a community-centered organization that is making positive changes in the lives of men and women in the New York City area by providing solutions to help those individuals get to a place of economic freedom and by helping to reduce recidivism rates. Through a variety of programs, we have been able to connect to and assist formerly incarcerated individuals, homeless individuals, gang members and survivors of domestic violence.”

Over the past year, Kaepernick has pledged to donate more than a $1 million, plus the proceeds from his jersey sales, to community groups. So far he’s supported the Black Youth Project, Meals on Wheels, Mothers Against Police Brutality, Appetite For Change and the Center For Reproductive Rights. Last year, he also founded a youth-based group called Know Your Rights Camp, an organization that focuses on self-empowerment and teaching young people how to interact law enforcement.

Whether he’s on the field or not next season, it’s clear Kaepernick will continue to have a positive impact on our nation.

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