Got Insurance? How Successful was the Mayor’s Efforts to Get Jaxons Insured

Jacksonville’s Get Covered Jax campaign launched in November with the goal of helping uninsured people navigate the health insurance marketplace and sign up for coverage. It coincided with the federal open enrollment period, Nov. 1, 2023, to Jan. 15 of this year. The mayor’s administration announced last week that the campaign successfully signed up 40,726 people.

That’s one measure of success, but can the campaign be credited with reducing the number of uninsured people in Jacksonville by 34%, as the mayor’s office suggested? The answer is a bit more nuanced. As it turns out, some of the new enrollees may not have been previously uninsured, including young people who aged out of their parents’ plan, recent retirees who aren’t yet qualified for Medicare and people who just shopped around for a better deal.

And while Duval did have more health insurance sign-ups during this year’s open enrollment period than during the previous year’s, Jacksonville’s county ranked 11th out of Florida’s 67 counties for new health insurance sign-ups per capita, trailing other large metropolitan counties Miami-Dade, Broward, Orange and Hillsborough.

If you find yourself suddenly uninsured, you might be able to sign up outside of the open enrollment period at Covering Florida or by calling 877-813-9115. (WJCT News 89.9)

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