GOP Did Not Book Conservative Candace Owens For a Speech This Week at Republican National Convention

Candance Owens / Photo credits: The Stamford Advocate
Black Politics –   By Victor Trammell – In the past, the ever-controversial Candace Owens (pictured) has voluntarily made herself a public media spectacle for intents and purposes, which have been labeled in op-eds as questionable and even delirious.

However, the 31-year-old author, political commentator, and news media consultant has historically been equally as crass and abrasive toward her ideological enemies when she goes on the attack or counter-attack. Over the past few years, Owens has made it a point to project herself as a rising star in the mainstream conservative culture, as well as the Republican Party’s political establishment.

Nevertheless, the Blackout book writer’s infamous ascension has showcased her deliberately playing the tumultuous game of political dodge ball — a contest where players have to take fastballs below the belt as well as dish them out. Owens, a young and persnickety pundit, has definitely shown that she is willing to engage in roiling politico speak to bait her enemies into emotional reactions off-script (a la her public dehumanization of George Floyd).

The way Owens promotes the praise she gets from America’s very unpopular president further cements a familiar perception. An earlier public version of her acting job as a donkey matador against liberal Democrats has been seen before. Like the infamous Omarosa was before her, Owens has no problem at all with being the Republican Party’s number one black female villain. Nonetheless, it appears that the GOP has placed a muzzle on one of its young black guns; at least for now.

Per Jasmine Brand’s sources, the nation’s governing Trump Clan’s members, America’s Vice-President, and black Southern Republican Congressman Tim Scott were some of the speakers chosen by the GOP’s National Committee. Unfortunately, for her, the name Candace Owens is not listed on the keynote speaker list for the Republican National Convention. Mainstream media mouthpieces who serve both sides of America’s political ideologue will call Owens’ RNC exclusion a “snub.”

Given Owens’ track record of being a political pitbull for the conservatives, calling out her status as a non-speaker at this week’s RNC theatrics might be an observation of much ado about nothing. After she publicly launched a merciless and successful political hit job on Andrew Gillum (a former Mayor and Liberal Democrat from Florida with national fanfare) Owens might have earned a role in the Republican Party, which does not involve making cheesy corn speeches full of “good government” jargon.

Who knows — Owens may already be engaged in covert mud-slinging, which aims to seek and destroy another nationally-known Democratic liberal politico. The ideal target will have the money and political capital to install the Biden-Harris regime at the White House in November. Even though the aforementioned hypothesis about Owens is a pierceable theory, it accurately describes how America’s draconian electoral process works at the national level.

At press time (8/24/2020, 6 am PST), no public statement was issued via the Candace Owens Twitter page or any other social media page connected to her brand.

In today’s U.S.-styled democracy (or what is left of it) money is far more important than morals or merit.

Not only that, but it also does not require a shred of morality to be a successful political fundraiser or scandal-sniffing dirt-digger. Finally, one no longer has to have a lengthy and merit-based community service track record at the city, county, and state levels. That is how yesterday’s “from the ground up” political platforms were built toward the national level. In yesteryear, a much more disciplined breed of political strategists laid the blueprints. Also, more seasoned politicos did the building.

Nowadays, these platforms, their stage props, and their ringleaders are already bought and paid for; prior to being turned-out in their twilight career phase. These spiritually-sapped souls are eventually sold out for keeps to the highest bidder. If they are fortunate enough to never be imprisoned as a criminal, they will certainly become a wholly-owned vessel of obscurity — a humiliated and mentally-scarred John or Jane Doe we no longer know. There is no trust, more tricks, and fewer trades.

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Photo credits: The Stamford Advocate

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