Friday Night Sweet & Soulful Jazz at Sweet Pete’s

Jacksonville’s own songstress Akia Uwanda headlined a Sweet and Soulful Jazz dinner and musical evening at Sweet Petes Café in downtown Jacksonville. The Friday Jazz segment was attended by a crowd of 70 Jazz enthusiasts. Every 4th Friday of the month, Akia and Friends hold court at Sweet Pete’s singing vibrant songs belting out the acoustics and lyrics of various musical legends. The songs of Anita Baker, Etta James and Joe Sample were just a taste of the melodic segue. Dinner was a buffet created by Sweet Pete’s gourmet chefs. Also on the ticket was comedian A-Train spewing jokes and laugh out loud comedy and a display of The Wilderness of North Florida’s Parks Project by Kathy Stark. After the show, Sweet Pete’s gifted guests with empty boxes to fill up with your choice of assorted candy.  Get your tickets for next month’s Akia Uwanda and Friends Friday’s Jazz Dinner Party at

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