ElderSource Offers Free Online Support to Those Caring for Aging Loved Ones

More than 53 million Americans provide unpaid caregiving to family members in their home. This difficult responsibility challenges caregivers with life and death decisions they are sometimes unprepared to make. Local nonprofit ElderSource has spent decades supporting those who find themselves in this tough-but-crucial position. As part of that work, ElderSource now offers Trualta – a online platform that provides caregivers with free access to valuable tips and information related to their lifesaving work.

“The Trualta toolkit offers skills training and wellness activities the caregiver can use with their aging loved ones,” said ElderSource CEO Linda Levin. “Users will have access to helpful lessons and articles that cover things like improving mobility, managing wheelchair to bed transfers, and transitioning from the hospital or to a nursing home, which they can access on their timeline.”

The platform is also designed to provide caregivers with strategies on improving their own well-being, with information on things like setting boundaries, balancing work with caregiving, and more.

To learn more about Trualta, visit MyElderSource.com, call 1.888.242.4464 or email caregiversupport@myeldersource.org.


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