Book of Honor Reveals Testimony of Authors Spiritual Transformation

Book of Honor Reveals Testimony of Authors Spiritual Transformation – The Book of Honor: Chosen to Teach and to Tell, a recent title from Xulon Press of Salem Communications, introduces the story of author Veronica Y. Njeri-Imani, an African American woman from “the Bold New City of the South,” Jacksonville, FL.  This compelling testimony reveals how the author overcame social barriers and obstacles like domestic violence, illness, and racial stereotypes to lead the way as the first woman college teacher in her family.  A member of “a chosen generation,” Njeri-Imani credits her family and an unforgettable Sunday School teacher with guiding her to spiritual transformation.  Her trials and tribulations as a young Christian, however, make this memoir a real page turner. Njeri-Imani, who personally experienced everything she writes about in the book, says that she was an adult crime survivor before she realized that, to God, she “is lovable.”  Through prayer, journaling, reading, and spending time with other women survivors, the author “became encouraged and strong on the inside as God healed me.”  The book, written in a style reminiscent of autobiographies like those of Dr. Maya Angelou and playwright Lorraine Hansberry (whose ex-husband published her papers), carves a new space for women of color who have made inroads in the fine arts, higher education, and the area of trauma recovery.  Njeri-Imani hopes that the book will inspire other people to conquer their fears, to laugh, and to acknowledge the awesome power of God’s Love.  Pictured is Veronica Y. Njeri-Imani, at her book signing with fan Christopher Taylor.

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