Biden And Harris Are Ruining It

Paris Dennard, Senior Communications Advisor for Black Media Affairs at the Republican National Committee (Photo: Provided by Paris Dennard)

September 16, 2021 – (Source: The Carolinian) -Op-Ed -By RNC Spokesperson Paris Dennard – The Biden Harris administration is singlehandedly ruining every good thing President Trump was able to accomplish working with Congressional Republicans over the past four years for the American people both on the domestic and international front. President Biden wants to desperately take the focus off his failed foreign policy decisions that led to the deaths of 13 American servicemen and women and at least 100 Americans stranded behind Taliban-controlled enemy lines in Afghanistan.

The aftermath of the attack on Americans is something veterans and the Gold Star families waiting to bury their family members won’t soon get over even though the Commander in Chief wants that to happen. I have no doubt that the mainstream media will once again give him cover, not hold him accountable, and move on to other topics they deem important for us to focus on like domestic issues.

The problem for Joe Biden is there is not one domestic issue he can point to as a true success for the long-term recovery, viability, and empowerment of the American people — especially Black Americans.

His economy has not ‘Built Back Better,’ and it is having a terrible impact on the Black community with the rising price of gasoline, back to school supplies, and inflation. Food inflation is creating more financial hardships for Black Americans. As we head into the winter months, Joe Biden’s inflation is going to wreak havoc in another area — home energy costs.

We all know that President Biden is no fan of fossil fuels. Democrats are continuing to push climate change policies, rooted in the progressive Green New Deal, that will all but destroy our former domestic energy dominance attained under President Trump. The first thing President Biden did when he got to the Oval Office was hurt Americans by cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline, and despite what he said on the campaign trail, he is against domestic energy production from fracking.

According to Bloomberg, “If households and businesses see their utility bills rising, they may seek to push up wages or the price of the goods they sell, compounding the inflationary pressure already resulting from strained supply chains.” What that means is there is no end in sight for the rising cost on everyday Americans for the things they need to survive like food, gasoline, and electricity.

If you have and use natural gas in your home or small business you should pay attention to the markets because as Stu Varney puts it, “Nearly 40% of America’s electricity is produced from natural gas. When gas goes up, so does your electric bill.”

This is a real issue for Americans who are already struggling to make ends meet in an economy that is not beneficial to them. If you happened to save money from being home due to the harsh COVID restrictions, as the economy began to open up, the costs of everything went up too causing a form of a tax increase on the middle and working class.

Josyana Joshua wrote, “Gas prices are soaring across the northern hemisphere as anxiety mounts about the prospects of a supply crunch in coming weeks when cold weather begins to descend and homeowners switch on furnaces.” However, if you live in warmer states like Arizona where my family lives, you are already feeling the impact of the increase in energy prices on your family because of the increase in gas prices. Joshua pointed out, “In Phoenix and Los Angeles, so-called spot prices jumped to $30 and $20, respectively, according to a source who asked not to be identified. Demand for the fuel is climbing in the U.S. West amid a heat wave that’s lifting consumption of electricity to run air conditioners.”

As the Biden-Harris administration talks about the energy issue you will hear Biden speak in glowing terms about his climate change plans. “I think of one word when I think of climate change: jobs, good-paying jobs.” But what he doesn’t talk about is the fact that even with a Black unemployment rate that is nearly 9%, according to USA Today “Black workers have the biggest gap of any racial group between their representation in clean energy jobs and their numbers in the broader U.S. workforce, the report says. They comprise roughly 8% of clean energy employees, though they are about 13% of U.S. workers overall.”

The policies of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not working for the American people. If they want to move on from international affairs, that means they will

have to focus on domestic issues and there are even more crises and failed policies on the domestic front they have yet to solve for the American people.

The cost of this Biden Inflation is real, and Americans will literally be left out in the cold.

 Paris Dennard is the National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs for the Republican National Committee (RNC). Follow him on Twitter: @PARISDENNARD.

Janiyah Thomas

RNC Black Media Affairs Coordinator

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