Believers Launch Birthing the Change They Want to See

Shown is the audience becoming and releasing personal traumas and drama.
 In today’s climate, there is a thirst and quest for change, belonging and so much more. Whether it is to have better friends, closer relationships with family and/or to just be a better you –  everyone all over the world is searching and seeking to become better.

The inaugural spiritual one day conference entitled, ‘Becoming: The Experience 2022,’ held at the Schultz Center, was birthed from close friends that presented a catalyst that catapulted many attendees lives into an ever-going metamorphosis of growth, evolution and obedience to God. Women and men traveled near and far to embrace this life-changing experience. What began as a social media challenge amongst women who’d never met, ended with an overflow of dynamic speakers, panelists, teachers, and testimonials.

The day began at five a.m. with Christian Prayer warriors, who make up the five-fold ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The five principles promoted were 1) Ephesians 4:11, which say “It was He who gave some to be 2) apostles, some to be prophets, (3) evangelists, and (4) pastors and (5) teachers.” The selected speakers to brought life into dead situations and light into dark areas.  This transformational experience assembled multitude of women and men encountering God, sisterhood, brotherhood, and change.

“These fierce and fiery women of God came together, teaching, preaching, ministering, and loving on a community of women who were yearning for transformation and elevation in every area of their lives,” said organizer Katrina Nickhol.  Shown is the audience becoming  and releasing personal traumas and drama.

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