Author Nicole Butler Pens Book: “Imagine Becoming A…”

Nicole Butler, a Creative Opportunity Leader, has been a beacon of inspiration, creating nationwide workshops for youth ages six and above. With a fervent passion for providing platforms in communities, Nicole empowers young individuals to share their talents and skills, fostering an environment of inspiration. Annually, she guides over three hundred youths, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and evolve into the individuals they aspire to be.

In response to the uncertainties and loss of hope witnessed in 2020, Ms. Butler embarked on a transformative journey, giving rise to the book, “Imagine Becoming A…”. Overflowing with information, this book serves as a limitless guide for youth pursuing their goals. As readers flip through its pages, they embark on a journey to experience and engage with the realities of their dreams. This comprehensive resource provides inspiration for youths of all nationalities, ages six & up, who have faced loss, lack of hope, or anxiety.

Designed to ignite big dreams, the book challenges youth to take action and turn their aspirations into positive outcomes. Equipped with these empowering tools, young readers are guided to navigate towards a fulfilling career and a prosperous future. The overarching message is clear: the sky is the limit, and dreams do become a reality when you take the first step.

“I Really enjoyed this animated and cute book. It’s fun to see all of the different things these talented kids have done as well as the opportunities available to all kids.”   Kim Masinter

The book can be purchased on Amazon:

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