A Place at the Table for Women

Shown are participants at the roundtable.

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried recenlty hosted a business round-table luncheon to address the disparities of women in business. Held at the law office of  Attorney Nwabufo Chukwuemeka Umunna (Obi), invited guests at the table included industry leaders in tourism, media, journalism, catering, marketing, the arts and natural care products entrepreneurs.  “I wanted to showcase and bring African American women entrepreneurs to the table to support their tenacity and ability to get it done and break down the issues that may affect their businesses, ” said Attorney Umunna.  Topics of discussion included understanding company bid systems, educational workshops, nepotism, access to capital and diversification. Commissioner Fried spoke on her work with the commission and extending a hand to the women surrounding her at the table.

“These women are fierce for going out on their own. Business is constantly changing and evolving.  Our Florida State laws should reflect these changes,” she stated.

The invited guest agreed that breaking down barriers, challenging the status quo, economic development and leveling the playing field are top bullet point policies to  support black women entrepreneurs.

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