140+ Riverview Residents Attend Septic Tank Phase Out Kick-Off Meeting

140+ Riverview Residents Attend Septic Tank Phase Out Kick-Off Meeting
Greg Corcoran, JEA manager of Community Involvement & Project Outreach, provides background and an overview of the Septic Tank Phase Out initiative.

Representatives from JEA, the City of Jacksonville and local elected officials hosted a meeting tonight for more than 140 residents of northwest Jacksonville, providing an overview of the proposed Riverview Septic Tank Phase Out project. The meeting allowed Riverview residents the opportunity to learn about the project and get their questions answered.

The Riverview project is the fourth neighborhood in the current Septic Tank Phase Out program which started in 2016. More than 2,425 property owners may soon be eligible for connection to the new water and sewer systems at no cost thanks to the initiative funded by the City of Jacksonville and JEA. The program aims to improve the quality of life in our communities by eliminating existing septic systems, thereby reducing the amount of harmful nutrients that often find their way into local waterways and then the St. Johns River.

“JEA and the City of Jacksonville are pleased to announce the launch of the Riverview Septic Tank Phase Out project,” Greg Corcoran, JEA manager of Community Involvement & Project Outreach, said. By continuing in our effort to phase out failing septic tanks, we are not only protecting our precious water resources but also improving the quality of life for our customers. Together, we can create a cleaner, greener and more vibrant Jacksonville for generations to come.”

Council member Ju’Coby Pittman welcomes Riverview community members.

Council members Reggie Gaffney Jr. and Ju’Coby Pittman also attended the meeting, welcoming residents and expressing their support for the Septic Tank Phase Out project.

“The journey may have been long, but the destination is worth every step,” Gaffney said. “This initiative is our commitment to a thriving Riverview — a community where well-being rises and life flourishes. Together with JEA and the Jacksonville City Council, we’re forging a path to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Cheers to making Riverview a beacon of progress!”

Next steps for the project include JEA’s continued customer outreach to the community. According to City Ordinance, at least 70 percent of the neighborhood must agree to support the transition from septic systems to the JEA sewer system to move forward with the project’s design and construction.

 As far as funding, through December 2023, the existing program funding is $168,295,456, with expenditures to date of $56,420,611. As of FY24, JEA has allocated $49.5 million, and the City of Jacksonville has contributed $118,795,456 toward the work. The Riverview project, which is the largest project to date in this program, is estimated to cost an estimated $100.3 million should it move forward.


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