Mother/Daughter Duos Graduate from EWC

Joyce Truett (mother), Tiffany Nealy (daughter), Tarayla Slaughter (daughter) and Terrilyn Smith (mother)

Mother’s Day weekend will be extra special for four Edward Waters College students. After decades of putting higher education off, two separate mother-daughter pairs will be graduating together in the Class of 2016 with their Bachelors of Business Administration degrees.

Terrilyn Smith, Tarayla Slaughter, Joyce Truett and Tiffany Nealy are all enrolled in the CLIMB (Credentials for Leadership in Management and Business) program. The accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Organizational Management is an 18 month program aimed at helping students who already have some college credits to earn their degrees. Class is held once a week for three-four hours providing a flexible schedule for students who are already juggling work and families.

“I wanted to set an example for my daughter and let her know that it is never too late,” said Joyce Truett. Her daughter, Tiffany Nealy, will be receiving her college degree after 10 years of trying. Truett will finally get to walk across the stage after more than 30 years of first enrolling into college.
“My favorite quote is by Confucius, ‘It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop,’” said Tarayla Slaughter. “I know this will be an accomplishment that will improve both of our lives.”

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