Four Habits to Maintain Weight Loss

Why do some people flounder and others succeed when it comes to weight loss? Experience has taught us that to maintain weight loss, there are four common “habits” that clearly contribute to success.

Don’t Stop Now!

Successful maintainers intentionally develop and maintain their self-image as a healthy person. You can do the same and avoid old habits of inactivity and overeating. Utilize mental training techniques to “see” yourself in particular situations, looking and feeling successful at your healthy weight. First, make positive affirmations a part of your everyday lifestyle. Second, visualize yourself as a thin person. Third, practice an “achievement attitude” of optimism and positive problem-solving. A positive attitude does wonders to maintain weight loss

Get Physical

Some can maintain their weight if they walk just 30 minutes a day, while others need to walk more and strength train. Keeping track of your exercise and how it affects your weight will help you determine how much activity is enough. If you find you gain weight even when you average 30 minutes of gentle exercise a day, increase it to 45 minutes.

Resolve to do whatever it takes. Remember, you have other options besides walking. You can engage in any number of gentle activities: ride a bike, dance, swim, do water aerobics, skate, or ski. Your possibilities are endless. What’s great about becoming healthy is that you transform yourself into an active person—the single most positive step a person can take to ensure a lifetime of good health.

Plan for Risks

You alone are responsible for the choices you make. Anticipate challenges and develop a plan of action to manage potentially difficult situations. Know in advance how you will react when a co-worker brings in homemade brownies. Plan alternatives for those times when the summer heat and rain keeps you from walking outdoors. When you know your risks, you can prepare yourself to make the best decisions.

Be Bright about Your Future

All successful long-term maintainers will agree that maintaining their healthy weight requires determination, dedication, and discipline.

If you slip and fall into old habits, it’s not the end of the world. Losing weight and keeping it off requires an investment in yourself. You need focus, motivation, and an ongoing commitment to make appropriate, healthy choices. The remarkable reality is that you can maintain your weight loss for the long term.

If you do slip-up, keep in mind the vital fact that you possess the knowledge, tools, and resources to reclaim your power, refocus your energy and get back on track whenever you choose.

A year from now, how will your story read? Will it be a success story? The choice, as always, is yours.

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