Disney Wish Cruise Ship – Book Now Before the Clock Strikes Twelve!

By Lynn Jones (Jax Urban Traveler) – When Florida weather predictions show that a storm is brewing, Floridians man the hatches and wait out the storm! One storm that could not be stopped was the sailing on the Disney Wish cruise ship that departed Port Canaveral November 11-14, 2022. Riding down the I-95 corridor you get excited as you reach the port and there high above the ship is a Mickey Mouse logo waiting for you to board. Entering the port, you smile and begin your entry into a fun filled weekend.
Once aboard the Disney Wish, the elegance is realized throughout the foyer entrance, with a swirly star-filled chandelier and staircase straight from the Beauty and the Beast files, and a center stage ready for a Disney World showcase. Disney characters greet guests with open arms swaying and lightly tip toeing on the marble floors! As you gaze and admire the ships elegance, you are whisked to your room, where the ships staff eagerly and politely articulate tending to your every whim. On this trip it’s a silver platter welcoming complete with champagne, Charcuterie board faire to step out onto the verandah, dear, yes, Disney cruises balconies are verandahs! That’s just the beginning, the rooms are spacious, and the verandah is quaint and private, overlooking the ocean waiting to catch a Bahama breeze!
Now let’s get to the good part, Disney Cruises are for the entire family. Specialty cocktails for adults, comedy clubs, karaoke, exquisite dining at the Rose, named after the beauty and Beast rose, remember she pricked her finger! Room service is available 24 hours, just a quick jot on the menu you can have fresh orange juice, coffee and croissants at your door in minutes! The dining experience ensures that you are not bored, the first night dinner was inside the Worlds of Marvel  “Avengers: Quantum Encounter, spaceship, where avengers characters come to life for guests to recognize their presence.  Dining rotation included Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure and The 1923 restaurant that embodies old Hollywood styles.  We must mention the activities for the children: the multipurpose rooms are scientifically Disney World soundproof, child proof and proof that you may have to go find your child and let them know its dinner time! The highlight of this cruise was surely the premier of Wakanda Forever playing in the elegant green velvet movie room! #wakandaforever
Dear, I’m resting on the verandah, alright back to our excursions, the spa and infinity pool on deck 12, inside the The Senses Spa provides tranquility, pampering and relaxation with a multitude of spa treatments. Dive into pure bliss, indulgent luxuries, enlightenment, tropical, tranquil, calm and peaceful atmosphere, yes all of that!  You lose yourself in meditation for a high vibration dose of serenity!
All smiles were on deck as guest enjoyed the water slides and the food courts that tout a superb brisket, ala carte breakfast and an early morning cocktail, well for your tomato/orange juice glass (smile)!! Highlighting the cruise success were colorful fireworks and musical stage show brightening the sky!
As a media guest, our itinerary consisted of a private Minnie and Mickey Mouse photo op. with a behind the scenes look at Disney Wish ship staff and the innerworkings of a cruise ship.  Speaking to us were Selah Maronie, Casual Dining Services Manager; Ropafadzo Kuhuni, Concierge; Erin Shaw, Assistant Crew Director and Maryann Williams, Mainstage Performer
 each staff member was excited to share their experiences on how although they hail from different parts of the world, their camaraderie, and personality gave them commonality and respect for each other’s culture.  It is noted that at least 80% of the staff are from other countries outside of the United States. The Disney Wish has a capacity of 1,555 crew and 4,000 passengers with 1,254 staterooms. It is the largest in its fleet; the other ships are: Disney MagicDisney WonderDisney Dream, and Disney Fantasy.
For more than 30 years, Disney World has been a partner of the black media. Disney World media tours include eclectic top tier decor hotels, restaurants, resorts, Epcot celebrations and Disney Springs shopping spree! Disney World has been on the front line promoting their attractions, exquisite cuisine and the ‘happiest place on earth,’ mantra with journalist and influencers to spread the word on the trends and next steps to magic on their campus in Orlando and the surrounding communities of Kissimmee, Florida. The Disney world global, cruise and Orlando staff are professional and excellent in creating theme atmospheres that speak to the longevity of Disney’s 50-year legacy, this is only the beginning, stay tuned for more!
To book your cruise now visit  https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/why-cruise-disney/wish/ or email

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