Christmas without Turkey!? These Vegan Dishes Make It Possible

MEXICO City, Mexico — Perhaps the most important event of Christmas is the Christmas Eve dinner. The whole family gathers; there is food to enjoy and stories to share. It is a great occasion to celebrate with new and old family members — a merry event with delicious food.

Nowadays, more and more people decide to maintain a vegan lifestyle (those who do not eat any animal product.) Therefore, to keep a festive Christmas dinner that all family members can enjoy, there must be compromise. Fortunately, there exist different vegan food that can substitute Christmas dinner staples.

Soy substitutes, like tofurkey, can save a Christmas dinner from a family fallout!

French.fries can be a good starter for Christmas dinner for vegans. (Photo: Carlos Ramirez)

How can vegans enjoy Christmas?

It is possible to prepare a three-course vegan menu for Christmas, with a starter, main course, and a dessert.

A tortilla or mushroom soup, for example, make for a great starting dish. While many family members enjoy a stuffed turkey for the main course, a vegan can enjoy a “Green Pozole.” The green pozole is a good substitute made of mushrooms, cilantro, serrano and poblano peppers, tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, and oregano. Nothing trumps a Christmas salad consisting of lettuce, beets, oranges, apples, jicama, pomegranates, and peanuts for dessert!

Vegans can also add some piloncillo honey-bathed croutons for a crunchy surprise.

“Currently, vegans have a lot of options for a rich and nutritious dinner at this time of the year,” said Roxana Hernandez Aguirre, a nutritionist. “A lot of easy to prepare dishes have accessible and cheap ingredients. Modern supermarkets have everything needed to make a good dinner a good dinner.”


“There are a lot of options,” said Hernandez Aguirre. “At this time of year, there are available many vegetables, fruits, kinds of pasta. Although it may feel difficult to prepare a meatless main course without pork, poultry, or fish, a soy-based substitute could replace them. And, once again, there are a lot of options for desserts, since the vast majority of them have fruit.”

No matter the palate, there is a Christmas recipe for everyone.

Making a Christmas dish for vegan family members can look like an extra chore, but it will smile on their faces and help make dinner a more enjoyable place. And that is what Christmas is about: a joyous event that anyone can enjoy — no matter their diet!

(Translated and edited by Mario Vazquez. Edited by Alex Patrick.)

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