A Successful Recipe For A Burrito Business

CUMMING, Ga. — Lake Burrito, a Hispanic-owned family business in Cumming, Georgia, was on the verge of collapsing amid the pandemic when the local community came to the rescue. Who triggered the miracle? A fellow restaurant owner who asked the community to help the Retana sisters, Lake Burrito’s owners, save their “ship.”

Eight months later, Lake Burrito “sails with better winds,” despite the gale hitting the world in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With great dedication and commitment, Paris, Alicia and Mildred Retana have been able to keep the restaurant open. However, they assure that the last few months have been difficult due to the new wave of coronavirus cases.

“Business is slower,” Paris said. But, “we continue working hard.”

The three sisters will never forget that day in early May when customers suddenly began to show up at the restaurant. More and more people came — until the Retanas ran out of food.

“It was incredible; orders wouldn’t stop,” Paris said. The Retanas learned from the customers that Steve Hartsock, the owner of the nearby Socks’ Love Barbecue, had called out the community to help them.

Hartsock’s message on social media had an immediate effect. Today, the Mexican sisters feel eternally grateful to whom they now call “friend.” Hartsock not only summoned the community to save the decade-old business, but he also donated his earnings from a whole day to help “one of his favorite restaurants.”

Lake Burrito sells food, including burritos. *** El negocio de comida “Lake Burrito” incluye burritos. (Hanna Balan/Unsplash)

Perseverancia y solidaridad, una receta exitosa para negocio de burritos was first published on Negocios Now.

(Translated and edited by Gabriela Olmos. Edited by Carlin Becker)

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