Sheriff Walking Streets to Get Up Close and Personal with Neighborhoods’ Concerns on Crimes

sheriffSheriff John Rutherford (center) speaks to community residents preparing to walk the streets of the Lake Forest area for an anti-crime walk as Bishop Lewis Williams looks on.

Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford and Assistant Chief Tony Davis gathered at Concord Park for the Sheriffs Neighborhood Crime Prevention Walk through the lake Forest area.  Neighbors were lined up ready to discuss neighborhood crime and JSO future crime prevention initiatives. “Over the last three years JSO has lost 147 policemen and 92 Community Service Officers. We’re asking the city council to restore at least 40 police and community service officers. I tell the city council members, some of you are Paul and some of you are Peter.  We’re going to have to rob Peter to pay Paul,” said Sheriff Rutherford.  As part of his campaign promise, the Sheriff walks a neighborhood monthly to hear citizens’ concerns.

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