Diet Failure is Not Your Fault

workoutCravings: Why are they so impossible to ignore?

Phoenix Gilman’s private weight loss and personal training studio, Body by Phoenix, is nestled in a small strip mall located at 688 Whitlock Avenue, Suite 200 in Marietta, Georgia.

When weight loss and fitness expert Phoenix Gilman relocated from California to the metro Atlanta area a few years ago, she continued her steadfast mission to revolutionize the way the public thinks and about food and the way they consume it.

And that is no easy mission when you consider we live in a world that thrives on “super sizing” menu items and getting “two for one” bargains, it comes as no surprise that more than two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese, according to the Food Research and Action Center.

For those ready to take back control of their body, Gilman has proven repeatedly that she gets results. If seeing is believing, believe that she has what it takes to get you on track to a healthier and more fit you.

Body by Phoenix
Body by Phoenix

At 55, Phoenix has sculpted her 5’11” size four physique into a picturesque frame of health. She has also achieved remarkable results for men and women – of varying ages, body types, and nationalities – who are avid supporters of her methodology and techniques.

Gilman isn’t just a weight loss expert, but she’s an international author and researcher. About 15 years ago, her curiosity led her to research the kryptonite-like tendencies behind food cravings – why are they so impossible to ignore?

Her research took her into neurochemistry and nutrition and her findings are documented in her two books which both sport the title “Diet Failure…the Naked Truth: The Brain Chemistry Key to Losing Weight,” with the differentiating titles appended at the end, “Achieving Extraordinary Health at Any Age” and “Keeping It Off.”


Body by Phoenix

Both books guide readers on how to implement and execute a solid health strategy. Her research, which is supported by clinical studies, has been recognized by the Centers for Disease Control,, “Focus Atlanta,” Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Atkins, best-selling authors, and numerous other high profile experts.

Her private weight loss and personal training studio, Body by Phoenix, is nestled in a small strip mall located at 688 Whitlock Avenue, Suite 200 in Marietta, Georgia. The intimate and private facility is the safe haven for many amazing client transformations. In fact, several of Phoenix’s clients were on hand at the grand opening of the studio, proudly showcasing their dramatic body transformations.

Gilman teaches the science of nutrition and training properly, getting the body to stop storing fat – in record time. In only sixteen days, 21 year-old Chloe Couvrette was able to lose nearly eight inches.

“Not long ago, I was a skinny cheerleader,” Couvrette said. “Now I’m a single mother and terribly overweight. I met Phoenix and she changed my life in such a positive way. In six weeks, I lost 15 inches! For the first time, my cravings are controlled. My tummy’s quickly disappearing. I never feel deprived like with typical diets.”

What is evident after just minutes of talking with Gilman is her sincere enthusiasm and dedication to each client’s success. She teaches clients how to control their appetite center by safely elevating and maintaining serotonin levels by using a dietary supplement versus pharmaceutical drugs. She emphatically believes that “diet failure is not your fault” but Serotonin is the culprit.

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