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Experience Rich Culture and History 4.5 Hours Away in Augusta, Georgia

Augusta is a Musta! (January 2015) By Urban Traveler Lynn Jones Were you aware that just a mere 4.5 hours away lies a weekend vacation rich in history, culture and adventure? Augusta, Ga., home of the legendary James Brown shares many characteristics of our very own Jacksonville.  Like Jacksonville’s historic fire of 1901, Augusta had a historic fire in 1916 that destroyed most of the city. A river also run ...

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Savannah, Georgia

  Savannah, Ga, By Lynn Jones (March 2012) Just a short and sweet drive away (a mere 160 miles) is a historical landscape rich with history and loaded with interesting things to do! Savannah, Georgia – made world famous by the hit book and movie, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” offers the weekend traveler a real experience. On my weekends agenda was restaurant b. Matthews, a trolley tour, Paula D ...

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  TallahaSEE! By Lynn Jones  (December 1 – 7,  2011) It’s late and I’m on the road to Tallahassee for a weekend media tour of Tallahassee, Florida. As a transplant I understand that every family member, friend or foe in Florida and across the nation has ties to FAMU, that’s the historic FAMU (an HBCU) or its massive counterpart FSU. I never really had a reason to visit the state capitol, little did I know t ...

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Cabin Bluff

Cabin Bluff (July 14 – 20, 2011) I’m on location at Cabin Bluff, a Cumberland Island retreat located in Monroe, Georgia, just a short mile from Jacksonville, approximately 45 minutes from JIA. The only information I have is a media itinerary listing activities and the words “historic cabin” in the woods. As I drive through the gate, there’s a long road that takes you to the river, I am amazed at the serenit ...

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