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Four Habits to Maintain Weight Loss

Why do some people flounder and others succeed when it comes to weight loss? Experience has taught us that to maintain weight loss, there are four common “habits” that clearly contribute to success. Don’t Stop Now! Successful maintainers intentionally develop and maintain their self-image as a healthy person. You can do the same and avoid old habits of inactivity and overeating. Utilize mental training tech ...

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How to Use a Stability Ball Safely

by Valecia Weeks In some cases working out on the floor is not an option for certain Divas in certain circumstances; but never fear…the STABILITY ball is here. If you desire to change up your abdominal workout or even your push up workout, make the stability ball a part of your regular workout regemin. No matter the exercise, working on a stability ball consistently challenges your core and back muscles to ...

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