Billions for Boeing, Pennies for the People

March 27, 2020 Staff 0

By Dr. Julianne Malveaux Republicans even conceded that Mr. Trump, his grafter family, other cabinet heads and senior leaders, along with their families, cannot benefit from this stimulus legislation. It is unfathomable that this provision […]

You’re Pretty… For a Dark-Skinned Girl

March 27, 2020 Staff 0

By Cloe Luv A person posing for the camera. Description automatically generated”You’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl.” That was the comment that defined my early life, to which I would typically reply, “thank you.” I […]

The Pernicious Power of Patriarchy

March 26, 2020 admin 0

By Julianne Malveaux Our nation, these United States, is founded on the principles of racism and patriarchy. They are reflected in our very constitution, where enslaved persons were counted as a fraction of a person, […]

Renters Need Eviction Protections, Too

March 24, 2020 admin 0

by Philly Tributne Renters tend to be more economically vulnerable than homeowners. In general, renters tend to have lower incomes and cannot tap into the equity in their homes as a line of credit in […]

Will the Coronovirus Hit Black America Harder?

March 24, 2020 Staff 0

by Dr. Julianne Malveau Restaurants, museums, libraries, gyms, and bars are closed.  So are schools, from K-12 to higher education.  Classes will be conducted online or not at all.  A local vendor told me her receipts were down […]

We Count Too!

March 23, 2020 Staff 0

The last time the census happened in 2010, I was a 16-year-old high school student and I made sure that we definitely did a better job of filling out the census that year. I remember […]

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