kenneth reddick

Kenneth Reddick Reappointed as RFA Board President

June 22, 2016 admin 0
Kenneth Reddick was recently elected to an unprecedented third term as President of the Riverside Fine Arts Association. Kenneth has guided the organization to higher levels in both concert attendance and income. The organization seeks to enrich […]
Rush card

Rush Card Settle Lawsuit for $20 Million

May 17, 2016 Staff 0
by Ann Bucher The makers of the RushCard have reportedly agreed to settle a class action lawsuit filed over a botched upgrade of the pre-paid debit card that allegedly left RushCard holders without access to their […]
Pictured standing is E3 Business Group leader Anthony Butler with entrepreneurs Michelle Poitier, Arlene Cameron-Lloyd, Rasheda Mitchell, Ceandra Dilley and Deborah Raickett.

E3 Raising the Bar for Local Entrepreneurs

April 14, 2016 admin 0
Quietly in a nondescript location settled within a long ignored section of Northwest Jacksonville, a group of aspiring entrepreneurs made history, as the first class of students to complete Business Plan Boot Camp. Entrepreneurs spent […]

How To Be Your Own Economic Quarterback

March 25, 2016 Staff 0
  After a lifetime of earning and saving, one might expect a comfortable and financially secure retirement, especially with a reliable financial advisor – right? “Life is rarely that simple or black-and-white and, unfortunately, neither […]
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